XR600 Crankcase drain plug

I went to change the oil on my XR600 today, and found that the crankcase drain bolt is stuck. I messed up the bolt head a little bit, but stopped before I completely ruined it. Anybody have any suggestions as getting it off so I can complete the oil change? If not, I guess it goes to ECC. :) Thanks.

Try applying some heat to the area around the bolt with a small butane torch.

It's stuck? As in too tight and starting to strip? A trick I've used a number of times with button-head bolts and of the like is to spray some penetrant oil on it and file down to opposite sides(you'll need a new bolt) then once filed grab it tightly with some needlenose vicegrips and wallah! It comes right off.

Take a punch and tap on it first before stripping it further. That might loosen it up for you

The torch finally did the trick-what a pain. Now I need to get a new drain bolt.

Great! At least you finally removed it

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