Rekluse for 02 yz426?

I live in Florida now and just started back on the offroad riding, hare scrambles are big down here, I want to get into racing them but feel the arm pump pretty bad on my long aggressive rides, the 426 is heavy, I know it's a brute but I love it. Was wanting some input on any experiences with the rekluse clutch, and or any other modifications to help

I've ridden a plethora of Rekluses, but not on the 02 YZ426. I know that's not an answer, but maybe by researching the options at and contacting Rekluse you'd get some help. Their new sales and marketing department is 100% dedicated to customer service.

I have one in my 02. Couldn't ride tight single track without it. Love it

I have the same bike, which kit did you purchase?

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. A well set up rekluse core exp 3.0 set up properly will help 100% but not with arm pump. Practice helps with arm pump. The rekluse is awesome on a big bore thumper or a 250 smoker I've had them on both I sold my smoker over the fact I like new tec on the thumper. The rekluse when set up correctly will allow you to run a gear higher or lower with complete control the bike feels like it has traction control hence more hp feel. You can also ride using the clutch the same as stock and reap the benefits I posted above.

Thank you I really appreciate the info, I wasn't sure what model, z start ect. I ride really tight track and trails all woods. Am hoping the rekluse will help with all of the clutch fatigue

The z start pro is more within my budget, any input or advice on that model?

I just got the 399$ exp 3.0

The z start pro is more within my budget, any input or advice on that model?


In my opinion, the Z-Start Pro is the best choice for "mostly off-road" applications.  It engages very smoothly and consistently under such conditions, and once you learn to use it correctly (meaning that you forget the lever and ride it with the throttle only), it's like having a torque converter instead of a clutch.  The clutch pull is oddly light, and can be hard to get used to until you begin to understand that the lever simply isn't needed.


The EXP series is a budget model for less serious riders just out to make their ride a little simpler.  Lever effort is sometimes higher than stock, and the adjustment procedure is a bit more tedious and in need of more constant attention.


The Core EXP is the top of the line, unquestionably, but it is more for those looking to use the bike in a more MX-centric environment, or trying to retain "normal" lever feel. 


One thing to bear in mind is that the bike cannot be bump started with the Z-Start Pro no matter what.  The two EXP types can be temporarily adjusted to allow bump starting, although it's a "process".


One other point to make for those interested or just starting out with one of these is that the idle mixture is an important element of stall prevention.  There are lots of people who run their pilot circuit way too rich in an effort to get rid of snapped-throttle bogging or other off-idle response problems instead of fixing the actual cause.  The result is that at lower RPM, when the throttle is suddenly closed under a moderate load, the engine will drop to idle so quickly that it dips well below idle speed and quits, even with the clutch completely disengaged.  Leaning the idle to the point where it just starts to cause a little decel popping will make the engine fall back to idle more slowly and stay running.

Thank you so much, I was under the impression that the 3.0 was $900 and the z start about $600? I ride a 2002 426, how do I go about purchasing this? Do I need the complete clutch or can I utilize my clutch plates?

The Core EXP is around $900, and IS a complete clutch.  The Z-Start Pro is around $600 and uses your existing friction plates and basket.  The EXP 3.0 is the cheaper option that is a drop-in ring you add to your original clutch.


The TT Store can get the clutch for you.  Lots more info here:

[quote name="tang426" how do you like the exp 3.0?

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It works perfect. Only complaint is that it throws a lot of shrapnel in the motor. I change oil every ride. I'm using rotella

Alright, thank you. I was worried that the auto cutch would make it feel sluggish or feel like it slips. I think I'm going to go for it

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