Just got an 04' WR 450/ tire & vin question

I just bought the bike and I went through the dmv and it only failed because we could not find the vin number. Is there anywhere else besides the front sides of the frame I can find the vin because it seems to be not existent there. Also my tires are technically street legal but I would like some cruisers for longer distances. I know little to nothing about this stuff as of now so id like to get one set for on road and one set for off so I'm open to any gearing recommendations/ tire brand someone can suggest. Thanks for the help! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1409668058.958602.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1409668092.506994.jpg

Also on another note I maxed it out at 90mph with my aggressive tires and set up now. What do these normally get up to?

The VIN should be on the right side of the steering head.  Has the bike been painted?  That could have covered it up.  


I maxed out my 09 at 88 mph on pavement, that's with DOT knobbies.  

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