YZF Front Caliper Fit WR?

I tried searching for the answer on here but didn't find what I needed.


My dad busted the front caliper mounting bracket off of his 2009 WR450F this weekend. He went to order a new bracket, but it appears that you can't buy just the bracket from Yamaha, only the whole caliper assembly for ~$260. A quick eBay search turned up a lot of calipers for YZ450Fs around 2003 and 2004 for fairly cheap. Does anyone know if these would fit his WR? The part numbers aren't the same for the whole caliper assembly, but that could be due to a different part being different and the bracket could be the same.


Has anyone put a YZF front caliper on a WR before?

2006 YZ250/450 is a direct fit

Don't know about other years

Great, thanks Kah Ran Nee!




There is the original WR caliper and mount spacing, usually referred to as the 'wide' or 'large' mount.

Some year YZ's (probably most, up to 2006) used this set up.

Then the YZ changed twice, in 2007 and 2008, and the WR changed once, in 2012, but with the same spacing





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