Calling BK14MX

Brian, how is everything in Fla? I saw from your thread you had some tranny issues, that D@#$ sand!

Anyway it has either been too cold or too wet to moto up here until last weekend. We went to Valley Alabama --- Big Cedar MX Park. This place rocks, similar to a Monster Mtn/Copperhead layout....too much fun for the 4strokers --- 1 5thgear area very high speed, nice jumps & big tabletops, very safe, but challenging. If you are coming up to Ga. are you bringing your Thumper? This place is off of I-85.exit 77 2-exits past Ga/Al line. Call me when you come up. I ran into Chris the other day - said he had been laid off. That stinks - I went through it Oct-Dec. Hope all is well, lets get together.


Good to hear from you. I've had more than tranny problems, just broke my second OEM tank. What a joke, my Clarke tank got hear today. I doubt I'll bring my bike, just a partying visit mostly. You guys have been getting hammered by the weather, typical winter in GA. I saw that track on the way to Monster Mountain, now that place rocks. Did you see what I replied about the 773 tire???

My personal email is, I'll give you a shout when I get back up there for sure. Later

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