Michelin AC10

Not really Yamaha specific...but, these tires are specifically on my bike.


I wasn't really excited after riding on this set of tires.  I can't specifically explain why other than they didn't do anything that stood out in my mind as excellent.  Like, excellent hookup in the loose dirt, or excellent push in loose sand.


The front tire, however, I've noticed that it's like a pizza cutter wheel.  Especially in sand.  I have to ease the front into a turn because if I turn too quickly (which isn't quick at all), the front digs in and CARVES a turn over hard.


I have a Pirelli mid-hard on my XT350.  After eyeballing the two tires--they are both 80/100/21's, I started to think the Michelin was skinnier.  Calipers confirmed the Pirelli is a full 3/8 inch wider measured not on the knobs, but on the smooth portion of the carcass.


So, I'm going back to Pirelli.


Once I wear out the back tire, I'm going to throw a Kenda Trackmaster II on it.  These aren't the longest lasting tire, but they hook up good, and push loose sand well enough.

Yep, AC10 is horrible.  Only took 1 ride for me to hate them.

By the way, I'm striving DOT approved.

That's the only good thing about the AC10...street legal. They last pretty well in high seed desert type conditions but that's because they don't grip very well.


Overall...2 thumbs down...unless you own a street legal bike.

I find the backs OK, but the fronts, as said above are awful. They are bad enough in the dry, but in anything damp or muddy they are lethal and wash out without warning on corner entry, mid corner or corner exit if you make it that far

Almost anything, even worn, is a huge improvement


How a company that makes good tires like the s12xc can make something so bad as the ac10 is beyond me


Get rid of it asap

Edited by GuyGraham

They'll be gone by the weekend.


I wish I had ten hands because I'd give them 10 thumbs down.  I'm going to stick a trials tire on the back, a Pirelli.  Anyone run that combo?  Pirelli mid-hard up front, trials in back?

AC10 is where it belongs...the trash.  Pirelli's suit my riding style.  I decided to put the MT43 on the rear.  We shall see...


I've a small 'trials' garden beside the house.  Logs, rocks, hole, bridge.  Lots of fun without much space.

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