FCR Carb needle options 07

I think I already know the answer to this question, but do you guys know if some of these FCR needles are interchangeable between years? For example I have 2 JD jet needles for my 01 426. Will these work on my 07 FCR carb? Does anybody know what the correct stock needle is for the 07 carb? I bought my carb used on ebay for my 426 and want to know what my options are.

All the FCR carb needles for all years are interchangeable. I would suggest that you try out the earlier JD needles in the '07 carb and see how they perform. You will need to use the JD recommended main jets.

All the FCR carb needles for all years are interchangeable.



Really?  The '01 is not the same carb as an '07.  The needles for the '01 were from a completely different series.  Double check the lengths and diameters.


Stock for an '07 is the NFLR (5TA-14916-LR).  If you're looking for an alternate needle to help the off-idle response some, that would be the NFLQ or NFLP (5TA-14916-L1 or 5TA-14916-LP).  These have smaller diameters in the upper straight portion, which makes them a half and a full step richer, respectively, in the 1/8 to 1/4 throttle range.

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