Advice on suspension

Hey guys,

I'm a 37 y/old ride mostly MX on an 01' YZ426.

I'm 6', 225 lbs. I'm a mid pack novice level rider.

In the last 6 months I've really stepped up my riding..hope it lasts.........anyway, I'm bottoming my front and rear suspension more and more lately. Normal maintenance, I changed out the front fork oil, and per a dealer mechanic's advice, I added 5mm more oil in each fork. It really made a difference.

This last weekend I seat jumped a stepup and I kept feeling the rear suspension hit hard bottom on the face. I've never felt it do that before, also, I felt the front forks bottom on an aggressive face. I don't like the way my bike flys after I bottom out like that.

I've played with the settings on the forks and the rear springs..but guys I swear I can't feel any difference. What gives here?

I hear it all the time that bottoming is normal...but I want to hear from some larger 200+ lb. riders that suffered with this and have successfully sent their suspensions out and got good results.

I think you need stiffer springs,they will hold your bike up better and more control,or get your valving stiffend up it sounds like your blowing through the stroke to fast.GOOD LUCK :)

Go to and check out the Product and Valving selector. I found it very usefull and bought the springs they recommended for my bike.

You definetly need to go up on the springs. I was your weight for a good number of years and finally lost about 20-25 lbs this past year. Now I can ride with the stock hardware save the fork oil level which I raised to 100mm (huge difference). Even at my current weight it is fairly close to boarderline going up on the spring rate. You can either go up on the springs or lose 20lbs, but realistically, that's probably what you're up against.

Do less triples at Wendy's and more on the track-that's my motto


At 225lbs. the stock fork springs (.48) are good, the stock shock spring (5.5) is too light. I reccommend a 5.8 shock spring.

As far as feeling the shock bottoming "all of a sudden", I think your shock fluid has oxidized to the point where you are getting gas bubbles in the fluid. When this happens, you get a mixture of fluid and gas bubbles flowing through the valving, this offers little if any damping. A complete teardown, inspection, and fluid change is in order....

Take Care, John

Your stock springs are 4.6front 5.4 rear go with 4.8 and a 5.8.

h bomb

You are right, I stand corrected, the stock fork springs are 4.6

Although, we have measured the rear spring in at 5.5, either way, he still needs a 5.8 in back.

Take Care, John

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