Friday Humor on CRF450 Board

While tooling around to other TT boards I caught a cramp from laughing so hard at the latest comedy on the CRF450 board. Check out the threads from or about JohnBizzle? I just picked myself off of the floor. It is amazing that the tone can be so different from one board to another.....& I learned how to get kicked off TT permanently. It is quite humerous & frightening to know some of the people we ride around can be so sick! Thanks moderator for killing it before it got totally out of control.


That was totally inane....thanks for the laughs :)

Angry people ride red bikes?


shuuuuuuu....he might start getting interested in a 426.


Thank you for the joke of the day. I was laughing so hard I was crying. My co-workers must

think Im manic/depressive. A definite two thumbs up.


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