WR426 02 on WR450 04

Will the wheels from a 02 WR426 fit a WR450 04?

Thanks :)

I don't know but if you go here

you will be able to get the OEM part number of the 2002.

You only have to check if it fits with your 2004

Top link, thanks :)

You are welcome :)

So, what is the result... does it fit or not...

It doesn't have the 04 WR 450 listed but the, the 03 YZ450 appears to have the same hub layout as as the 02 WR426. Meaning I can put the 19" YZ wheel i have on my WR before I sell it and hang onto the 18" as a spare for my new 04 WR450. Cool!

Excellent. I think the only thing that changes is the bolting of the rear sprocket. I can't remember on which of the WR or YZ or which year but if I'm right, you cannot interchange the rear sprocket from one bike wheel to the other depending on the model and year.... I would have to check again but it doesn't seem to be a problem in your case...

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