2002 WR 426F wont stay running without choke pulled out ?

2002 WR426F wont stay running without choke pulled out ,Any help  to guide me what to look for or check out . Previous owner bought new in 2002 put 20 hours on bike and stored it till about 4 months ago when I purchased it , dont know if he drained carb but it runs and idles with choke pulled , push choke in and it dies..............

The bike is running lean on the idle circuit. Probably clogged pilot jet. But i'd pull the whole carb apart and give it a good cleaning.

Yep, blocked pilot jet for sure. It is blocked with the residue of unleaded fuel with leaves behind a varnish when it evaporates

Replace it, rather than attempt to clean it, as they are only cheap and cleaning is never 100% successful unless you have an ultrasonic cleaning bath

Thank you guys,I will pull the carb.............

It's the Pilot

Not the jet pilot

The pilot jet

REPLACE IT don't clean it, unless you want the corrosion to come back....

Pull the bowl, clean it, pull your 2 jets. Might as well replace both of them. And it should be good after that

On my 2003 I had a real issue getting the carb cleaned out to where it would idle a few years back.

I ALWAYS clean the jets out as it can be done but you have to have a microscope or good eye loupe to be able to look down into them to be certain you have them REALLY cleaned out good. Also the varnish that forms inside the itty bitty holes needs to be poked out, cleaner does not dissolve it very well. I have used the real small wire inside a bread bag tie before. You strip the plastic or paper off and use that wire to poke em out. Recently we found they now have a bigger wire in some bread ties and it is to large to slide through the pilot jet.

If you have a real small drill bit set (a number 61-80) which are all really tiny drills you can use the smallest one....the Number 80 which is .0135 in diameter. If you do use small drills to poke them out DO NOT use the drill point side but rather the shank or smooth end as using the drill point side you can scratch the brass pilot jet which can cause rough idling.

I finally found the problem on the '03 and it was that there is a small hole for gas that comes off of the upper well area around the main jet. It is a real tiny hole that angles over from that main jet well and comes out just under the slide and can be seen if you look closely at the carb with the slide held open. It is real tiny and I had to hunt around some to find a small enough wire that could be pushed down it to clear the obstruction of

varnish that had formed in it.

I had left the bike parked for a couple months and had not drained the carb and the gas in that tiny orifice, as well as the pilot jet had turned to varnish. The pilot was easy to fix/find but I could not seem to get the bike to idle well at all till I discovered and cleaned that little orifice.

I am not sure if future years have that same design and tiny hole, but worth checking if you clean your carb and still have idle issues.

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