Help! New or Used?

Just an update here. I've been checking out the other forums here and everyone who buys or rides the Yamaha four strokes seems to like them very well. Well, the KTM guys don't like the Yamaha's too much, but everyone has their own opinion. I was going to check out the KTM, but man, I think it may get difficult to to get parts. I think I'm going to go with the WR400 or 426. I like it because it's milder than the YZF and I can always retime the cams to YZ specs. I don't really like the fact that it has a throttle limiter on it, but it's an easy fix. I feel it shouldn't have to be a FIX, but someone at Yamaha thought it was a good idea. Oh, well. Next question is should I get a new one or try to save some $$ and get a used one? Are there any problems I should look for in the WR? I have experience with quads but not bikes. Totally different animal I'm dealing with here. I've told lots of people about this site. Maybe four stroke quads should be here too. Quad racing is moving toward 4 strokes also. Just a thought. Thanks for all the responses.

Your gonna want some time on your motorcycle before ya get all fired up about dumping the govener. A 426, even the WR has so much more punch than any quad, or at least any recent quad that you going to be surprized by the power. Save some cash, by a used one first, there are lots of good used ones around since the CR450f came out. Get some seat time prior to jumping out on a moto course. Have fun, be safe.

I grew up on three wheelers and quads my whole life. I maybe had 2 hrs total on any kind of motorcycle, and that is stretching it. So at the ripe old age of 32 I run out and buy a brand spanking new YZ 426. Beleive me you want a WR and do not remove the throttle stop for awhile. The hardest thing that your going to have to deal whith is the @!#$%& twist throttle. I have never spent so much time on my back, side and stomach in my life, I wrecked that bike everywhich way. Going from thumb throtte to twist sucks. Anyway I'm on my second motorcyle and loving it, these bikes dirt and dune with the best of em and I will never own a quad again. My YZ was totally problem free,(but I'm a maintainence friek)now my best friend has owned it for a couple months and it is still problem free. It's a hard road going from 4 to 2 wheels but you won't regret it.

One good thing about buying a used one over a new one, other than saving some money on the purchase price, is if you look around you can find one with all the aftermarket goodies you will need to buy and slap on a new one anyway. Parts like a good set of handlebars, a quality chain and maybe an aftermarket triple clamp with adjustable bar positions. On the KTM subject, I myself have a YZF, but my buddies have KTM and have no problems getting parts. The key is to have a good local KTM dealer. Often times they get parts quicker than I do since the closest Yamaha shop to me is run by boneheads and the KTM dealer kicks butt. I'm not trying to sway your decision to get a Yamaha YZF/WR, I prefer them to anything else. Just trying to inform you.


I went to the dealer today and sat on a 2001 WR426 they have in stock. Last one there. They said they would give me a good deal on. Sticker is $6199 + tax + freight and setup. I'm definately going to get a used one. Someone from here emailed me with info on a WR426 but I can't seem to find the email he sent me. The biggest factor in me not riding the KX 250 I had was the twist throttle, so the transition to bikes is going to take awhile, but I think it's for the better. Yes, Sandlunatic, I fell off the KX soooo much my quad friends started calling me CRASH!! I counted the falls the first day I rode it and lost count after 16 falls. Can someone help me with some web sites I can go to and find a used WR? Thanks


$6199 Is A Bad Deal!!!!!

I a 2002 YZ426 Brand New at my loacal shop for like $5400 plus tax. At this time of year you shouldnt be paying close to retail. I got mine from a place called Aleks Power Sports in PA they shipped it to me for retail but that was like at the very beginning of the 2002 roll out 5 months back. Man you should be getting a screaming deal right now check out cycletrader...

I bought my 01 wr426 right at christmas for $6000 with all taxes, make ready,and freight included. Although I paid for the bike in full at delivery they were willing to carry it on their finance company, but I couldn't see making monthly payments on a dirt bike. I'd try calling dealers within a 1-4 hour drive of your hometown.With the new 02's coming out I'm sure you could get a dealer to offer you a similiar deal. It would be worth your drive. Don't expect a fast bike the way they deliver it. Mine has 200 miles on it and I'm fixing to perform the mod's necessary to make it scream.Remember their not in the biz to let you leave with the money in your pocket, so let em know that when they get to your price you'll close the deal. DON'T PAY RETAIL FOR LAST YEARS BIKE.

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