2013 WR450 Fork Guards Retrofit From YZ?

I am setting my 2013 WR450F up for the street with 17" wheels and the stock right lower fork guard is too large & rubs the tire. The left fits ok. I know I have read here that YZ fork guards will fit but I don't know what year. I ordered a set of 2010 to 2013 YZ450F and YZ250F, they came in today but the bolt pattern is not close to bolting up. Does anyone know what will fit? Thanks for the help.

Not sure about the newer WR & YZ guards.

But most people use a dye grinder and grind the guard where it's tight at the tire.

2006 YZ fork is the same pattern exactly as the 2003-2011 WR fork


I have 2008 WR guards on a 2006 YZ fork and it's a perfect fit.

As Krannie said, 2006 and 2007 fork guards fit perfectly.

Not sure how you got one side to fit. But here is a pic for reference.



Well I got the answer today when I picked up the fork guards I ordered from Yamaha. I took my '13 WR450F guards to the shop & matched them up with and ordered a set from a '14 WR250R. When received the Yamaha parts bags were marked '06 - '08 YZ250F / YZ450F. I know several have said have said it one or the other but the '06  - '08 was covered in your answers. Thanks for your help and I can see I have seen it for myself. I will still need to notch them or I think I will try a heat gun and dimple them first. They do wrap around the insides a good amount.

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