Shock oil change?

How do you get all the bubbles out when changing oil in your shock? Do you add oil from the clicker assembly, bladder opening, or the shaft/piston end? Does anyone the whole procedure or know of a site that explains how to do it?

Thank you,


First fill the reservoir up with oil and install the bladder/cap (oil should overflow when you install the bladder) Now pressurize it to 40psi. Now fill up the body up most of the way with insert the shaft into the body and push down quickly. Then pull up VERY slowly and repeat the process until you get no sign of bubbles (it takes about 3 times until no bubbles come up) Now push the seal head in and install the circlip.

I have race tech's direction on my site download them in a .zip format...the part you are looking for in on pg3! Later,


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