2015 brake options

my '15 appears to have nylon lines. I have only rode it a couple times, but I definitely will be going with a 270mm rotor and s/s lines. I had both along with the Honda MC on my '09 kawi and it was night and day better than the yamaha stock setup.

Historically, the 3 areas where people have made the biggest improvements in the braking on YZF's are:

  • Oversized discs (simple leverage)
  • Use of alternative master cylinders (ususally from CRF's.  Donor years vary as to the bike being upgraded)
  • Alternative brake pads (Cheap fix for a long time was to use brake pads from CRF's)

I can vouch for the honda brakes. I made that swap on my dr and it made a world of difference. The oem honda pads alone were a bid improvement.

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