cooling system ??

looking for a bit of info here please, just started my bike up (wrf450) its been sitting idle for just over a week, noticed a small patch of coolant on the floor. it appears to be coming from the water pump breather hole underneath, is this normal and ive just noticed ? i know the crf's do it ! :D

thanks in advance... :)


I never heard of this until about 2 weeks ago. Since then I've seen several posts here as well as on "All Things Moto" where people noticeed this. It happened to me when I tried to start my bike in 30 degree weather.(2 weeks ago) By the time it cranked, the fluid loss stopped. I lost no more fluid over a 25 mile ride.

Apparently, when worn (or maybe also when cold and more brittle) the coolant seal lets a small amount pass and it leaks out the drain hole. Several guys have posted that they have replaced the seal. I'm going to make sure mine leaks again before I do it.

cheers edward, you have put my mind at rest anyway thanks, :)


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