2001? Yzf 426 stroked complete resto

Drfinately chain looks too tight

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1431458968.992084.jpg

Fixed it,I had trimmed the new chain one link to short.

Still looks a bit tight...did you check the free play? I cant remember exactly but I believe you want 40-50mm from the rear screw of the chain slider to the chain when it's pulled up as high as it will go. Double check the manual just in case.

1.9 Inches with the bike lifted off the ground.

I will measure the chain slack tomorrow at work. Seems the previous owner did not replace the clutch after the bottom end was shipped back from being rebuilt. Friction plates are below spec.Springs are bagged and the steel plates are warped.Clutch slips under load and when the bike is in first gear idling with the clutch in it wants to surge forward. Have ordered new springs, Friction plates and steel plates.They will be here Friday or Tuesday. Will post some pics when I install the new clutch.

Installed new clutch yesterday.Forgot to take pictures. Will post pics of old clutch today. Outer clutch basket fingers have deep grooves in them so that's on the buy it list now. With new clutch installed neutral is now easy to find with bike running. The bike no longer slips under load and the clutch no longer grabs when the lever is pulled in and the bike is running in gear. Clutch engagement is now much smoother but still a bit grabby.(I'm assuming from the clutch basket finger grooving.) Anyone know of any other wear parts to inspect once basket is removed? Will be a few weeks before I buy one due to $$ constraints.

Does your clutch have the Bellville (cone) spring and seat washer in place at the bottom of the stack against the clutch boss?  That was the mod the factory did to take the grabbiness out of the clutch.  (#'s 13 & 14, along with th especial first plate, #12 in the picture here)



Grey racer the original clutch included these parts.However the new clutch did not. I am calling the dealer to see if they will order the special friction disk so I can reinstall the rest of the parts for the "mod". I also installed the new brake pedal that showed up today and took it for its first ride down a dirt road. About 5 km down the road the rear brakes seized. The pedal was under full pressure and was frozen so I'm thinking the problem is in the master cylinder. As well in the short ride the rear rim managed to kill a new set of wheel bearings due to the extreme bend on the rim. The front rim has a bit of a bend to it as well. If anyone has yzf rims that will fit my bike please let me know as it would seem I cannot ride the bike with the rims it has now. The costs are mounting but I am determined to see this through. Good news is that the motor sounds better the more I run it and seems to have plenty of power. I have not given it full throttle yet however as I am still breaking it in. Here's a quick pic of the brake pedal I keep forgetting to take one of the clutch parts.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432107454.714773.jpg

You probably have the connecting link from pedal to master cylinder too tight (too long), or something else may be causing the master cylinder piston to be advanced past the fill port.  Either that, or the cylinder is too full.  If the piston is pre-positioned too deep into the bore, the passage that leads from the cylinder to the reservoir gets closed off, and there is nowhere for the fluid to back up into as it expands with heat from the brake.  Same thing if you fill too full.  The fluid expansion then applies the brake for lack of any other path to take.

Shortened the connecting linkage as short as it would go and bled the brakes again.Brake reservoir is right between the add and full marked. Tried again. Same problem. Noticed rear rotor is warped as well. Thinking about removing the master cylinder and disassembling it.

Bought a complete parts bike out of Kitimat for 400$. The bike has a broken connecting rod and a hole in the bottom end. Rims are in excellent shape and the bike has tons of other good parts. Very happy about it. Bike is being shipped here as we speak should have it in a week or so.

Parts bike ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432415245.839548.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432415261.337943.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432415271.538787.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432415281.523869.jpg

I received the parts bike on Friday. I was very pleased with its overall condition. Over the weekend I put both rims, the front forks, various skidplates, the rear brake system,outer clutch covers,inner and outer clutch basket and various other parts on my bike.I also adjusted my chain slack as per grayracers reccomondation. I am very pleased with the end result. Have also built the parts bike back up into a rolling chassis so as to avoid losing parts. I also cleaned up and used the parts bikes header for the exhaust as it was unbent.And the project marches on! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1433178468.531152.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1433178482.364436.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1433178494.981541.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1433178504.448503.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1433178513.666186.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1433178523.482030.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1433178546.200848.jpg

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Well it seems Lady Luck is against me. My motors top end has developed a horrible rattle with 2 hr on the engine. I will be tearing it down tomorrow and will post results.

Before you rip the top off, be sure the rattle isn't coming from the right side end of the crank.  On the 2000 models (since you seem unclear as to the exact year model) had a habit of loosening the drive gear nut, which lets the balancer gear rattle around on the key that locates it.  Replace the key if it's beat up. 

Grayracer the bikes vin comes back as a 2002 but the swing arm and front master brake cylinder say it's a 2001.

Does this timing look correct?ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1433383795.286720.jpg

Okay so I did some searching of the forum and found grayracers excellent post on cam timing.My timing appears to be correct. However the valve buckets have discolourations on them.Stupid me I forgot to check valve clearance while I had the cams out.The bike is still stripped down however so I will check the valve lash today and post results.

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