ECU guts

Because I am curious and a cheap bastard, I am wondering why a stock ECU cannot be tuned. Why the necessity to buy a new ECU. 


I may have the ability to reverse engineer one if I knew what components are inside the unit.  Anyone ever open one up?

It's a software issue, and a EPA regulation issue/contract that Yamaha has with the EPA.



Unless you have the license key to access the software, and the Yamaha Dealer Service Tool, and know how to use it  and unlock it, it remains 'unavailable' to you. 

When you enter the ECU product and serial number into the Service Tool, it says 'incompatible' when you try and extract the program.

There ARE dealers who can and will do it, but they are technically breaking the law, breaking the warranty, and if caught by Yamaha, would be fined a big pile of money.....which happened to a several KTM dealers right around the time I had my 2012 KTM, and no one would even talk to me about remapping mine.


Technically you are also breaking the law if you change the ECU for a GYTR  version, in CA, unless you ride closed course only.  If you care. I don't.


There are no 'parts' inside. It's just a couple of circuit boards and a regulated power supply.

No USB, no Displayport, no DVID, no Ethernet, no RS-232, no RS-428, and no coaxial serial port connections on the box.


Of course, inside the molex plug there has to be (3) communications conductors/pins, but good luck with that....and then you still need the software just to see the map...


Open your wallet!

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This is what intrigues me. When I am told you can't do something or a company says that is of limits, it makes me want to find out what's inside and how it works. I have a good relationship with a guy whose company reverse engineers memory for machine tools. He does this because the manufacturers will charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $6000 for a memory UPGRADE of 2mb. That's right 2 MEGA bytes, not giga bytes.  


If you know what the actual IC in the unit is, please let me know. I can do a bit of research and see about taking the next step.

I did a search for "moric ecu", and saw lots of links related to hacking bike ECUs.  I didn't see anything WR450 specific but it looks like there's guys out there that could do it. 

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