Difficulty Shifting 2011 YZ450

I am having difficulty shifting 2011 YZ450 during riding. I attempt to shift with my foot and at times it does not go into gear or it is very vague whether the gear change has occurred. What would this be a sign of ? Bent shift fork?

What would be a way to test whether there is a problem or it is an issue with my technique?

One possibility: when was last time oil was changed?


Or: is the actual shift lever bent in just a little bit causing the boot to not get positive engagement?

Oil was changed before the last ride so prob 1-2 hrs ago. I will take a look at the shift lever. I replaced the stock shifter with a longer hammerhead version. I tightened it previously when I noticed it was slightly loose.

Loose shift lever will cause this and they tend to loosen up occasionally. 

Those hammerhead levers seem to loosen a lot quicker. I had to grind the groove bigger after one season to allow for more tightening space.

I will take a look at the shifter and verify that it is completely tight first.

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