Uh oh! another best exhaust thread! (serious question)

Hey guys. Im riding on what you could call a team for the open class supermoto. The bikes we are building are big bore, GYTR head cams, lightened flywheel, lighter crank, etc. My question for you gents is that will there be a better HIGH RPM POWER pipe than the Dr.D exhausts that we have? I have a MRD on my DRZ and the steps get fairly large. the exit of the muffler is 52.5 mm and there are three steps in the head and mid pipe. the owner of the bikes wanted to try FMF but i wanted to ask for suggestions here first. to clarify, we are really only concerned with 4k+ rpms

Oh, no... Another thread without any make, model, or year info. :facepalm::banghead:

2009 yz450f.

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