2006 WR450 - Burns oil, loud engine

I wouldn't plug it. Just make sure it's oring is good and the nut is not cracked.

It's not the slide that can go in backwards. I believe the plate in front of the slide can go in upside down.

The last guys bike I looked at that didn't idle had the hot start cable being pulled in all the time.

I'm not sure about bending anything with it being off a tooth.

I took apart the head again to take a look at the piston in fear of slapping a valve. Even with a tooth of, nothing bad occurred. so that settles that question.


I took apart the carb twice. once to check if the slide is in the proper position (there is a slot that alows a small stream of fuel air to pass, so as long as that is facing the bottom of the carb then its okay). it didnt help.


The second time, i took it apart and recleaned all the jets. lo and behold, the pilot jet had a spec of something in it and was nearly 50% blocked.


Cleaned all the jets, base lined the idle and the fuel mixture screw and tuned it up.


started and ran beautifully.


Good call on the pilot jet steve!


just some pics of the whole rebuild. sorry for the shitty camera pics.



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