Is there any special grease or recommended grease to use for my throttle cable? I just replaced my throttle sleeve and was browsing through my manual and it said to grease the cable where it connects to the sleeve and also grease the the handlebar where the sleeve goes on.

I also have some pics of my bike that I would like to share, so if someone would walk me through the process to post them, that would be great. Thanks in advance!!!

Bel-Ray Waterproof grease is what I use. It comes in a tub, is blueish/green in color and costs about $5.00.

Waterproof is not to be confused with water resistent, they are not the same.

For pictures, first you must find an online web host where you can upload your pictures to. MSN groups is one example. Once you've placed your pictures on the web host, create a post here on TT, under the "Instant UBB Code" list choose "image", open another browser window, go to your host site, open the piture you wish to post, right click the picture, click on properties, highlight what is shown next to "Address" out to and including the "JPG" file extension, do not highlight anything past the "JPG" extension, now right click the highlighted text and select "copy", go back to your TT post and paste the copied text into the bar where the "http//" is highlighted in the "image" window, make sure you only have one "http//" in that bar after you have pasted, click "OK" to finalize the "image" window, finish your post and whoop there it is.

Here's a sample I used to help me explain the step by step method. (This is my oldest son (15 yrs. old) on his XR2.5)


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