2015 fitment?

Guys what all parts from the previous models will fit on the '15s?


I know the models have changed quite a bit since the '10, but some of the mfgs haven't gotten the 2015 fitment updated yet.


2015 CRF250R - after doing a good once over on things that have changed from 2014 there is only a few things to mention.

- front fender is about 1" shorter in the back than the 2014

- although 2015 forks lower tubes are 49mm vs the 2014 48mm, they will still interchange between triple clamps.

a. If you have aftermarket triple clamps for a 2014 they will still work.

b. If you have aftermarket triple clamps for a 2010-2013 you can make them work by pressing off the old bearing and pressing on a 2014-2015 bearing

- although the forks will interchange, if you have a 270mm oversized front rotor the bracket will not. Work on the 2015.

a. They moved the mounting location on the lower fork leg for the oem 260mm rotor in 2015.

** if you put 2015 forks on a 2014 you can use stock 2014 caliper bracket and use 260mm rotor***

- wheels are the same as 2014 (rear hub is different than years 2004-2013)

- ecu I am unsure if they will interchange but with the push button map switch it will be something that may not interchange.

The '14 is essentially the same bike as to complete interchangeability.  Rear wheels will will fit back to '09, front wheels are '14 and up. There are several internal engine parts that will interchange, but the trans and oiling systems are all new stuff.

So the engine plugs, axle blocks, rear brake clevis, rear brake pedal from the '10-'13 will fit on the '15? 

Of the parts you listed, all of them interchange except for the axle blocks.  These are listed as different part numbers by Yamaha, and I'm not familiar with how they differ exactly.

Thanks Gray, I appreciate it.

I went with Hammerhead for shift and brake levers. The shifter is 14/15 specific but the rear brake pedal fit older models.

awesome thats great info thanks

Not trying to high jack your thread but this relates to interchangeable parts... I've been trying to get a hammerhead case saver for my 2014 but where ever I look to get one it just says 2010-2013. Never an option for the 14 or 15. Will the 2013 one still work or can you just not get one for out bikes?

^ Call Hammerhead and ask or go to hdmoto.com

Regarding the different part numbers it seems Yamaha changes some part numbers based purely on model year even though they're 100% identical. Can be confusing at times to say the least!

The case savers are not the same.

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