Yamaha wr426 brake light help

Hi everyone just wondering if anyone can help with wiring a brake light really.

Iv got the yellow live for power, the head light an tail light work at the min but I can't figure out how to get the brake light to come on and if that's same as making the high/low beam work

(it's a led tail/brake light by the way)


You need to have a hydraulic switch connected in place of the original rear caliper banjo bolt and wired into the tailight loom, otherwise the tailight will just be a running light... Or are you asking how to wire the brake light into the loom? I can't remember how I had mine but here... this might help.



Just FYI my WR stator lacked the power to sufficiently light up the tailight, brake light and head light at the same time, they where all just very very dim when used at the same time, unless I had the RPMS way up. Switched it back to just a running tailight so I could see at night when going through slow twisty trails.

Thanks for your help!

Iv got the rear brake switch but the wiring wasn't great so I'm starting from fresh, there's yellow and black for lights pretty much isn't there. The headlight and tail light both work fine

I'm just confused how I get the extra braking light to come on, positive and negative coming from the bike then iv got the 2 switch wires and 3 wires from the led tail light ? Confusing lol but where do I get the extra power from tail light to brake light

Il upload a picture when I can


Ok so if your tailight works already, this should be pretty simple.


You need to take one wire from the hydraulic tailight switch and connect it to the unused wire from your brake light, by default it is yellow but since yours is aftermarket it could vary... Either way it should be the one wire from the three coming from your tailight that isnt being used.


Then take the other wire from the hydraulic tailight switch and connect it to the tailight wire (tail light power) which by default is blue.


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