Straightening New Fenders

I just mail ordered some new fenders for my bike and they are kinda tweaked from shipping or something. They are black UFO front and rear fenders. I cant seem to get them to hold their shape when I try to bend them back. I have tried over wedgeing them with a stick against the tires overnight, but after a while they seem to go back to there crooked state. I also tried heating them with a hair drier but that didnt really help either. Any tips???? THANKS Jim

Jim, don't use a hair dryer. You're waisting your time! Find someone who has a REAL heat gun and use that on it. Get it just hot enough on the INSIDE that it's just about sticky on the surface.Then carefully push and secure it to where you want. Make sure you don't go too far with the heat or your fender will wind up on the tire! :)


Hey jimmy,

If you bring the bike over for about an hour, I am sure I can crash hard enuf on whichever side you need it TWEEQD to!!! :):D LOL

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