Need help 2003 yamaha yz450f

2003 yamaha yz450f Bike ran great everytime i rode it month or so ago i snapped the kickstart shaft starting it. Ordered up a new one put it in, Put it back together kicks , starts locks up it seemed, pop out spark plug take the side case off again looking in there dont see anything crazy manually turn crankshaft couple times back and forth broke free , Kicked over  eaisly not trying to start it with side cover off did that 5+ times no problems put it back together kicked once then locked up i have no idea i grew up on kawasaki 2 strokes first four stroke any help would be great thanks

If you manually turned the crank back and forth and had it "break free", the problem is likely to be the crank.  '03's had some trouble with rod bearing roller cages breaking and letting the rollers skew and jam the crank.

Sweet thats awesome appreciate it though sir

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