tire mounting problems

Well tonight I got myself a new D756 and I mounted it to the front rim. So far pretty uneventful, however it's not on evenly. i.e. if you follow the little line around the edge of the bead, in some places it sticks out away from the rim and in other places it's almost even with the rim. I sprayed the bead good with windex and then put about 40# of air in it to try to get it to slide itself into place and it's mostly straitened out but it's not perfect. Is there a trick to this? I haven't tightened the rim lock yet so I'm sure that it's not because the rim lock is holding it down.


hey man, it will eventually pop out. Sometimes they only take 20-30 psi, other times up to 60 psi to get it to even out. Also, put about 40-50 in it and hit the side wall with a dead blow hammer, that should do it. Have fun at thundercross tommorow, I'll try to hook up with you down there soon.

sir- you won't believe it but there's a tire out in my shop that I put on this evening doing the same thing. They always seem to do this to me and I usually just air them up, beat on them with a hammer, air them up and repeat until it is even. Some times it's 1 try some times it's 20. Long work days this week so mine will wait until the morning...

yah man just put some air in the tube and bounce the wheel a couple times on the ground while rotating it to get the tube lined up and it should be alright.

Try some liquid dish soap on the bead and then air it up again. It should pop out with about 40-50 psi.

Just go ride. It will seat evenly in the first lap.

true BMC, also something that makes mounting easier is to sprinkle lots of baby powder on it. Makes you smell pretty too...

Thanks guys for the tips, you were right. I left it alone for a while after I windex'd it and pumped it up and it was mostly OK when I returned. I'm going to go try to give it a test!! On the down side, I did notice that my rim has a flat spot on it that causes the tire to dip about 1/8 or 1/4 inch. It's not side to side, but if I spin the tire and look down the tread the tread will actually dip down almost 1/4 inch. Any tips for fixing these types of dents?

Let air out WD-40 50 pds air presto wipe dry all done.

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