hello! "newbie" wr450f guy just signing up here :)

hello everyone! i am 39 and live in PA, have been riding since age 10 (Honda xr80) and have had 21 total bikes(street/dirt) and quads since ... i told You that to tell You this: about a month or so ago i got an '06 wr450f and am absolutely in love with it! it is super clean, had no case wear or scratches on frame. i just put a devol skidplate on it and ordered a TMDesigns casesaver, other than that it came with: Dr.D full titanium, jetting, port/polish, emissions delete, air box mods, throttle stop/grey wire mods, renthal bars, acerbis handguards and is titled for the street! wow i love this thing. it had the original front tire still on and has a trackmaster dot knob on back. its geared up a little with 45t rear, but i plan to change that. am sure i am gona have questions but i will try to do the searches first. sorry for the rant, thanx for reading it and see You on here, maybe on a trail somewhere... -Sean

Congrats on the new bike.  I had an 05 and it was a great bike.

Enjoy your new bike.


With a minimum of care it could last you another 10 years.

Welcome, great bike,enjoy .

A dirt bike that is road legal and will go 90 mph....cant beat that!

I agree! Thanx everybody ..

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