I was just thinking about the intake set-up that Yamaha uses on their backward facing engines and wondering if they might possibly have more internal engine failures simply created by the location of the air box? I was thinking that if you are on a track behind other riders with a lot of dust being kicked up it would be much easier for it to get into the air box with the engine sucking for air and it being right on the front of the bike out in a more open area. Now obviously it still has an air filter just the same as any other bike but it seems like it would be at greater risk of getting things sucked into the motor with a set-up like this or at least plug up air filters sooner simply do to its location on the motorcycle? I realize that this is what Yamaha was going for with this design, to create a more direct air flow to the engine, but could it also be a detriment to the engine though? On a more traditional air box set up used by everyone else the only time you would ever really be at risk of sucking up something is when the bike is running and looking for air as the rest of the time it is more shrouded in the center of the bike, or at least it would seem that way to me? Realistically I guess that the air intake holes on the side of a Kawasaki, KTM, Honda, ect. are probably very close to the same surface area of the Yamaha so its not necessarily taking in more volume but just do to the location it may be at more risk I guess? If you were carving up some deep powder on a Timber sled I could see them getting plugged easily with snow? I ride at the sand dunes also and sand is terrible, no matter how hard you try to keep it out of stuff it ends up there anyways so the air box location would concern me a little bit... Just a thought I had wondering what others may think?

I dunno why but.  My 05 yz250 air box got dirty way faster then my 12 yz450 has.  Riding in the same spots same days (my dad riding my two stroke and me riding the 450) .  When I first got it and rode it only thing i had on my mind was going home and cleaning my air filter because of all the shit i thought it had sucked up I was kind of freaking out.   Got home and it was clean.

WR forum

Not sure why this was moved to the WR forum? The WR and the YZF don't share the same air boxes so that's not what I was getting at... I looked through the WR forums and saw the "frogzkin" mod but that's entirely different from what I was talking about?

I think we're all equally confused here.

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