02 426 carb issue

Let me start by saying, out of the whole bike this is what I know the least about.

Well after and whole motor rebuild, got her all back together and tried to start the bike without luck. For some reason it don't seem like the ac pump is working (not spraying out the intake), so I pulled the carb apart and checked all jets, needle, all the main stuff. I then pulled the diaphragm cover off, not really knowing how it worked I squeezed it ( smh, got gas all over me ha). So I'm thinking it's still good, no tears or cracks and it looks like it does what it's suppose to. Now I'm lost!

Help please?

Are you getting spark?

Sometimes the pilot/starting jet looks clean but isn't. They are so cheap and easy to swap I would just put a new one in.

Maybe you have already done this but compression check?

well to be honest I took the carb apart couple times and the last time I put it together it works fine now... I like those fixes but hate them.

So I just took the bike out for the break-in ride, runs pretty good but it wants to run better with the choke on. I did the bk mod right before I put the carb back on. I don't know if that could cause it or what?

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