Gas Tank... Clarke

I bought the clark 3.3 gal. tank for my YZ but the mounting screws for the tank-mount-to-frame do not match up with the stock mounts. I talked to Clarke about this and they told thay have known about the problem and don't plan on fixing it and even if I returned it, the next one would have the same defect. Has anyone else had this problem with the clarke tank? What did you do to fix it?



I just put a Clark tank on my 01 and had no problem mounting it. The only thing that I had to do was to cut a piece of heater hose and lay it flat on the rear tank rubber. To get a little more clearance over the shock adjuster. :)

I put a Clarke tank on my 99 YZ400 about a month ago. Granted it didn't fit exactly like my stock one, but I just had to keep the bolts loose till I got both sides started, then tighten em' down. No problem.


I bought a Clarke 2 yrs ago and it fit perfectly on my 99400!

Very happy.

When I take it off it is kind of a pain sometimes because you cannot reach into the forward mount bolts very easy but they DO line up. You may need to jiggle it a little to get it perfect but it will work! I use 2 long extensions and set the bolt in the socket to reach it and start it very carefully insuring you don't strip or crossthread!

Also one more thought is ........make sure the back end is not strapped down b4 you try to fasten the front. A little patience is needed but it DOES fit nicely. Make sure it clears your shock resivoir. If not do as stated above or use an old tube or something similar to offset it away!



and hollar if anymore problems! :D

Wow I'm not sure what defect, I put one on my 02 WR426 and was surprised at how well it fit for aftermarket. Or maybe I'm screwed-up and don't know it? can you tell us more details? After all YZ & WR are same mounts. I wish somebody would make a tank inbetween stock YZ and WR..


Yo SoCalWR426:

The real porblem is that the tank mount brackets that are bolted to the bottom of the tank do not match up with the brass nuts that are in the tank. They miss the bolt holes by at least 1/4". The real question is... Which brass nut is in the correct place, or are they both out of place. Also, I need to make sure that the bolt that holds the tank on the bike will line-up in it's correct spot. I would'nt be so concerned about making a mod to the stock bracket but I will be using the stock tank for short rides and the 3.3 tank for the long stuff. Once I make the mod to the bracket then I would need to buy another bracket just to put the stock tank back on. The cost is not a big deal, but, why do I neet to lay out more $$$ in order to fix a "Known Clarke Screw-Up" :) If any one of you fine "Boys On Blue" have any more info on my problem let me know. :D I would love to here form ya.





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