EB Quicksilver Question

Trying to get the QS setup and running right. The bike - uncorked, drilled tip stock exhaust. The symptom - surging at low speed and as I back off the throttle. I've been back and forth with the Metering adjustment tool (red knob). If it runs right otherwise - is this normal? Should I suspect a manifold leak if it runs and pulls well otherwise?

Also curious about the "enrichener" My carb has no such device - should it? I may have to call Edelbrock, but I'm sure that more help will come from TT'rs :)

I bought a QS for my bike a couple of months ago and it did'nt come with an enrichener either. I'm still trying to get my carb dialed in as well.

Where did ya'll buy the carbs from? Do they have any tech support? How much did you pay? I think I'm going to get one in a couple of months.

The surging is a symptom that you do need to adjust your carbs usings its meeting tool. I cant remember if that means it is running rich or lean. You manual has this symptom listed and how to correct it.

Paid about $450 and Edelbrock has a tool free tech line

Of all things to try... RTFM yes I did refer back to the manual and there it is! - still too rich. The installed needle dialed all the way down is a bit rich for me right now, so I'll swap it out and readjust. I ran a new plug for a few miles and pulled it - super sooty! I still rode it yesterday without changing the needle and the bike pulled hard and fast. Can't say that I dumped it over "intentionally" to check it on the restarts :) , but it did fire back up with ease when I stood it back up. All in all I can tell this is gonna be a fun addition to the bike.

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