Help! Bolt broke

How do i get a broken bolt that has seized in my clutch perch,open to suggestions........

If you can get to the bottom of the bolt drill it from the bottom with a bit about 2/3 the size of the bolt and it will most likely screw itself out as you drill, if not you will have to get an easy-out or screw extractor. If you do this be sure to heat the perch with a torch slightly just as you start trying to extract. Also spray it with some kind of penetrating oil before either of these and let it soak for awhile.

Machine shop.

You may or may not know that the bolt threads into the clutch perch. If you know this and tried just unbolting it and it still is seized, you should be able to tap it out with a punch and hammer from the bottom. Good luck, may the farts be with you...

Good reason to go get the works connection pro perch with comp release.


Just got and Buy a new Fly racing Clutch pertch. There like 30 bucks and they still have the adjust on the fly option.

It may be worth pricing a new perch. If the price isn't too bad then I would say just remove the other bolt and spread it open with a screw driver or something similar and then open it all the way and peel it off of the bar. Sounds easy, but anyone ever try this?

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