Has anybody used these aftermarket fuel pumps for the yz450? $70 kit.

Anybody out there???

Do you want everyone who hasn't used them to respond? 

Just put one of the $35 ones from Amazon that look to be the same thing in a friends bike.  Pump seems to work just fine, but none of the supplied filters work so I had to reuse the original one.


If only you could buy the regulator separate, that is what proved to be wrong with his bike...

I have one of these at home. I took the fuel pump assembly out and honestly at this point could not figure out how to get the assembly apart to put the pump in. It is all plastic parts tabbed together. I put it back in for now, may try again when I am feeling more patient. My filter is dirty and I think is clogging so I have to do something soon.

It was more of a bump to get more people to see the post grey

And jlb, search my other posts, I gave some details how to take the pump apart. It's not too hard. Just patience and pretty hard prying.

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