timing chain inquiry

I'm looking to buy a new timing chain for my 08 yz45f. I usuallybdo my shopping onbrocky mountain atv and when I did the "machins specific" search for timing chains it came up with the Hot Cams chain and the Pro X chain. I was hoping someone on here with experience could tell me

which timimg chain would be the best to buy. Your input is greatly appreciated!!

This is a jetting forum

You should post in the yz450 forum


GO WITH YAMAHA STOCK CHAIN as they are very good

The $60 ProX chain is a Borg-Warner Japan product.  The $20 OEM chain is a Borg-Warner Japan product.  If you simply have $40 that you don't want, send it to me instead and buy the OEM chain.

as gray said go oem, both my chains have had over 100hrs on them,replaced with the tensioner (on my third set), if oem wasnt god enough it would have been installed.

You can get the oem chain from rmatv under the oem section.

Or the TT Store.

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