Building a '12 WR450F Rallyfrom MecaSystems - Other mods?

Im currently building a rallybike from MecaSystems. The bike is originally from California so its extremly restricted.

The mecasystem does some changes to the air intake and the exhaust, but are there other mods i should consider?
The main goal for this bike is reliability, not HP since its going to do long stages over a week or so. HP is a plus though :)

I have no experience with dirtbikes, only have years of experience with Roadracing/SBK, but treat me as a dirtbike newb :)

ive also got a hold of a racing ecu and the engine FI tool

2014-09-15 17.46.04.jpg

Follow MecaSystems advice closely

They are the experts at what you are trying  to do

They will recommend a specific map for the exhaust and airbox set up they sell, hopefully. 

Do not modify the motor internally, as the 5-valve motor is indestructable stock.

Suspension, ergos, and protection are the main areas to focus on.

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