WR 426 HotCam and new rings make me smile.

I was finally able to go out and do my 30 minute break-in ride today after installing the new auto-decomp cam from HotCams.  Along with this new cam, I also put new rings on the piston since I had it apart.  My break-in ride was just a dual-sport along the dirt roads in my area.  Per the instructions, I rode at varying RPM's while taking it easy for 30 minutes.  What I noticed was that the bike seemed to run really strong throughout and the mid-range especially.  Great bottom end snap, seemingly stronger mid-range and more top end.  The seat-of-the-pants feeling was just a lot better acceleration and power.  Once the 30 minute mark was passed, I DID decide to do a top speed test at the tail end of my ride.  My new top speed record was an increase of 1.5 mph increase over my previous max (always the same over the years).  I think I had more to go too, but I didn't want to be too irresponsible for too long.  Considering the HotCam is the same part number for the WR and YZ, I assumed its profile was somewhere in-between the 2 bikes combining the low end grunt of the WR and the top end of the YZ.  Overall, I feel like I gained power from top to bottom.  What I figure was that the new rings livened up the bottom end and the cam the upper end.  Just need to recheck the timing tomorrow.  Trail ride is this weekend, so it should be a good time.  

Thanks and good to know.


My parts pile is growing for winter overhaul on my 426f. Still planning to do the Hotcam w/ decomp and much more.

Should update this for future reference:


After riding a few real trail rides and not a dualsport break-in, I do notice a difference in the power delivery of the HotCam over stock.  Nothing else changed.  There is definitely a little less low end from just off idle.  This isn't really an issue when riding, just something I noticed.  The mid-range IS better/snappier/easier to lift the front over whoops with a throttle blip.  I didn't have the opportunity or desire to push for a new max speed/top end.  Both weekends it was raining substantially, and the most recent was very narrow and slick, covered with freshly fallen leaves over rocks and roots while it was raining and 40 deg F.  Basically, fun eff'n weekends on the trail!!

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