2010 YZ450f

Just picked up a 2010 YZ450.  Havent taken it out yet, just up and down the street.  So far its an awesome bike, cant wait to get it out there.  I need to get a paddle for when we go to Glamis or Pismo.  Not sure if i should get the 8 or 10 paddle, what do you guys think?


It's 50/50 on the 8 vs 10. Also consider chain length.

10 paddle for sure. 8 would work to but the 10 is better.

What's the difference between the 8 or 10 paddle. I haven't ridden a dirt bike in the dunes very much. What about the chain?

The 8 will hook up good but slides in corners. The 10 will hook up even better but wont slide as much.

Cool, thanks. From what I've seen on other posts is that the 8 paddle is fine with the stock length chain but the 10 paddle needs a longer chain. Is this right and if so how much longer does the chain need to be?

The number of paddles doesn't dictate chain length.  The height of them does.  You need to clear the fender and such at the front of the tire whether you have 10 paddles or two. Adding one link (two pins) should do it.

Okay, thanks guys

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