Website for 2-smokes?

Hey all,

We all know TTalk is the place for 4-strokes, but I also still have my 250 2-smoke, so are there any boards for them?




I've still '99YZ125 and '01YZ250.

Hide has several forums for 2-strokes. Some forums are brand specific. There's a lot of bickering there though. has a ton of posts and members, but the maturity level seems quite low and a lot of posts turn into "Mine is faster than yours, and I can jump farther" drivel. Plus they are seriously anti-quad. It's almost funny.

I spend most of my time at Extreme Dirt Bike for two smoke help. They don't have as many members, but they are quite helpful.

For a lot of non-moderated posts (some helpful, many not) you can go to the newsgroup.

In the end, I just wish I could find a site as good as ThumperTalk was when I had my DRZ. Haven't found one yet!

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