will the valves kit from OEM Yamaha yz426f 00 fit strate into 02 model?

Hi would 2000 yz426f valve kit fit straight into 2002 model. I've just blew my piston and cylinder to pieces and have started a slow full rebuild but have been offered a full valve kit for less then £150. Bargain??! I'm looking to find a cylinder also but am struggling any help appreciated.1410903936630.jpg1410904486120.jpg

The '00 valves will fit, but they will require the use of the '00 springs because they are stainless steel, and 40% heavier than the Ti valves your head was built with.

Thanks greyracer the kit I've been offered is everything inc all seals and buckets springs etc. Can you tell from the pics if that cylinder is just worth junk or is that repairable? I'm not mechanically minded but am willing to rebuild this MACHINE from the heaps of cases parts its now in maybe (most likely) with a little or a lot of help from TT thanks in advance. Phil.

You're kidding, right?  The cylinder is a paperweight.

Thought so had 12 year out of factory set bike then my wife had a 20 minute ride and pushed it back 1½ miles to our van! I'm struggling to find a cylinder on my budget any links info contacts you guys can pass my way? I'm UK rider weekend off roader weekday commuter always on these 2 wheels. (NOT FOR A FEW MONTH NOW)

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