2000 426 or 400?

I've just bought a 2000 yzf something, the seller stated it was a 400, I've heard they did not make a 400 in 2000 it was a 426. The jug by the exhaust says 399 cm3. Is this an accurate number to go by? Just curious, really don't care the thing runs great and is a leg breaker! Any insight appreciated though! Thanks.



It's a 400. 99 percent sure. Nice bike

Thanks YZX, what gave it away? Is there any other huge difference's besides the extra displacement?

The 399cm3 did. If it was a 426, it'd say it. There are differences but nothing too major. It's a good bike, only flaw is that if you have the stock exhaust system, you need to remove the header to change the oil filter. Just be religious with the oil changes and you should be good to go.

Assuming it is both a 2000 model and a 400, it's a WR400.  Wide ratio gearbox, big stator and flywheel.  There will be evidence of lighting wiring having been on board if so.

I'm leaning more twords a 99 now, it has a 4 speed, and no evidence of previous lighting. Any way I can verify year? Just trying to figure this out for when I have to buy parts.

 it has a 4 speed,


Not from the factory it doesn't.  ALL YZ400/426F and WR400/426F models were 5 speeds. 


Year of the frame is verifiable by the 10th character of the VIN.  Year of the engine is only determinable by a Yamaha dealer.  They can look up the engine number.   Doesn't make a lot of difference, though.  Parts for a YZ/WR400 are interchangeable '98-'00, and 426 parts from '00-'02.  The bikes are nearly identical from '98-'02 as far as chassis/body other than the smaller rear axle on the '98.

Ok so 5 speed! Cool, was going too fast to pay attention. Thanks for the help guys. This is a great forum!

Id prefer the 5 speed over the 4 speed that was in the first gen Yamaha 450s.

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