Tusk Clutch Kit - Extra Plate?



I ripped the old plates out and put the new ones in.  When I put the last friction plate in, I realized I have an extra steel disc.  


I read some things about people putting it in the middle, against another steel plate, but that sounds completely retarded, but then again, what do I know.


I ripped them all out, and counted them up.  It's definitely 9 friction and 9 steel.  The old clutch setup was 9 friction and 8 steel, which makes sense.




Anyone have a similar experience?

I've had quite a bit of experience with Tusk clutches, and most of it was bad.  The extra steel may have been an alternative thickness to adjust the stack height, but either way, it doesn't belong in with the others.  9 & 8 is how it goes together.


Your next complaint will be that it doesn't disengage worth a damn.

Alright well I called Rocky Mountain ATV and posted on a facebook site.   Rocky mountain says it must have been a packaging mishap, and the guy on facebook says he has bought four of these clutches (not sure what that's saying about them) and one set came with an extra plate that he left out.


No slippage issues.


Looks like I found my answer.


Thanks again!

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