Magura Jack - WR 450

Just Installed the Magura Jack on my WR 450. I was wondering what some of you that have done it did with your safety switch for the old clutch perch? Did you just bypass it?



I just left the switch on and ziptied it to the back of the crossbar for all the wiring.It has worked fine for the last year. :) Or you can just tape the 2 wires together and pull the switch. :D

I just moved it over to the other side of the clutch perch mount. I can still reach it with my thumb. Not an issue.

Just wanted to clarify that we are talking about the same switch. I was refering to the switch that prevents the bike from turning over with the e-start while in gear without pulling in the clutch handle.

Thanks again,


Thats the one i'm talking about lowedog.Once it is pulled out of the perch the bike will start clutch pulled or not. I just left it and ziptied it. :)

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