CTi 2 Knee Braces -- Free?

ANyone able to shed any light on the ad for CTi's that state they are covered by most insurance? Anyone used this method to get knee braces, what were the circumstances? Thnx

Yes, free.

But, I REQUIRED major knee surgery. :)

Yeah, insurance will pay for them if you can get a doctor to write a prescription saying that you require two knee braces (what $1,200?) for two perfectly healthy knees. Good luck. My doc wouldn't do it. I've heard some will, but I doubt it happens often. That's why Asterisk (the same manuf as CTI2) sells for $550 off the shelf. Cheaper, seems to be as good, just not as customized to your knee. Call your doctor and see how lucky you get.

I actually got Kiaser Permanete to write me a perscription for one brace. It was after an injury but one that did not require surgery. I convinced them that it was a preventative situation and they went for it. I would really like to get the other side someday.

Roostn in Golden

I pulled some ligaments and I got one for my right knee and it was covered by insurance(I'm on my parents cause I'm still in school). The Dr was cool about it and understood why I wanted it. I also couldn't ride for a few weeks cause of the knee so it wasn't like I was faking it or anything. I hurt my other knee last summer but not nearly as bad but they wouldn't do it. Get the Astrisk braces...they are nice.

Yes you can get them for free, if you have a cool doc, you can fake pain and tell them you did it playing ball & stick sports. NEVER I REPEAT NEVER tell your doc you injured yourself riding those "dangerous m/c's!" if you can help it.

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