Dual sport riders in CT, NJ, NY area please help

I have recently been offered a new position in Hawthorne NY.  The people who work there live in NJ, NY, or CT.  I don't know where I would live if I take the position. 


My question is can I still keep my wr450 plated?  It is currently plated in MO so I don't know if it transfers or not.  Also even if it does is there any reason to have a dual sport in the area?


If anyone has advice please let me know.



Not a problem that I know of in NJ.  Lots of us have plated bikes.


We always go to a DMV in the ghetto to get the paperwork done.


Tons of riding around here.

Thanks for the info.  That makes it tough to decide on a job then.  The other option is Utah.   Where to ride...where to ride?

I'd say Utah.

Utah and I live in nj

Yeah.  I know Utah pretty well and it is my first choice. Just need to make sure the job pays for the toys and I have a place to use them.  

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