2012+ WR450F License holder bracket... cheap.. light.. potentially will have several. Any interest?


^ This is the design, screw holes will be slots on the flange however so the plate could be adjusted forward or backward. It will be guaranteed fitment with install instructions and all hardware as well as giving you the option to have it pre-bent for plate angle. $35 shipped anywhere in the USA. I'm only selling these to cover costs for producing my own. The first run will produce about 30 of these. 

Any interest? They would also work on any bike if you weren't afraid of drilling into the rear fender. These will be made out of .06" aluminum so they aren't heavy or beefy, but do keep in mind that you ride a dirtbike and aluminum that thin may not survive a crash that hits the plate holder 

Is it missing something? Does your state require blinkers & that's the only reason why you dont want it? Let me know - I can make some adjustments to appease a larger crowd if wanted. 

Edit: Regarding plate size: These are being created for MN plates, but I can absolutely make the design fit any plate if I get any interest 

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Can I make a suggestion on materials just based on my experience with multiple bikes? Look at plastic such as HDPE  or UHMW plastic at 1/8 thickness.  Wll survive twisting/impacts/vibration better than 1/16" aluminum. 

If you are making a commercial amount of these (a few 'for the guys' is ok, dozens for the masses, no) you must contact a site admin and work out the particulars.


Another thought is that a crash that impacts the bracket will be transfered to the tail light then the fender. Another reason SilvFx's plastic suggestion may be better than alloy.

I don't intend on making more of these than are desired by the community. I have tried a few different types of plastics. ABS melts at a relatively low point, HDPE will become tacky and weak at about 180-200f, so around the same as ABS' melting point. A light aluminum will be resilient to the heat, and it has some flex so it would bend sooner than transfer the blunt of the impact if you crash. I have used thermoplastic (kydex) which reaches its "relaxing" stage within minutes of riding (about 170f) and that's mostly riding on the street. Doing offroad stuff, I melted my kydex into two pieces and lost a license plate. That means the surface temp was greater than 200F.

Most of the aftermarket plastic tail kits melt within minutes of install if you have an aftermarket pipe on as well. 

For the reasons above, I'm going with aluminum. Some of you may not want aluminum but that's fine, I'm making this product for me and giving others an opportunity to buy one since the minimum I can make is like 18 or something (lasercut dollar minimum, making 30 was the other option). I am not in the business of making bike parts, I am just sick of losing license plates - so this is my solution. If you want to go with plastic, there are plenty of aftermarket solutions out there right now that will happily melt for you on the trails. 


I am definitely not a plastics expert and i do see that UHMW PE can melt at 80-100C.  That being said, I dont see any melting or problems going on and I am running an aftermarket FMF exhaust on my '07 WR450F and I have been on several 6 hour + rides with it.  Now.....the plastic is not directly in the 'line of fire' for the exhaust coming out of the exhaust pipe.


On my daughter's KDX200, I am running a stainless steel license plate bracket bolted to the fender.  I also used about 1/16th inch thickness aluminum backing plate to support and go behind the entire license plate which attaches to the stainless steel fender bracket.  While the aluminum held up for several crashes, the actual license plate material starting cracking into pieces.  Not certain what was causing it but I think it was the vibration of the two stroke along with the stiffness of the aluminum backing plate.  I replaced this with the UHMW PE and have not had further issues with continued cracking. 


Just food for thought and my own experiences.  For sure every material has its tradeoffs.  Sounds like you have considered those ahead of time.  I wanted to let you know about my real world experiences as I am/was biased toward using metal components thinking they would hold up better.


You can see a picture of my WR450F license plate bracket made of UHMW PE it here at TT if you go to my profile and then my garage and then look for the WR450 plate modifications.  Not sure if the 2012+ WR450F pipe exit location directs more exhaust toward where the license plate bracket would reside than the non-fuel injected prior generation versions of the WR450F.


Anyhow, I like your thinking and your idea of producing a bracket.  Heck forget about breaking even - maybe it's a good business opportunity.  I sure know that I couldnt find an off the shelf license plate bracket for my WR450F and I only reluctantly decided to make one.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I ran a FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to calculate stresses on the bracket and it can easily sustain a few g's repeatedly, all day, its entire life, no problem. I melted another kydex bracket this weekend so I will be sending in the order to produce these next week. They will be available for purchase but they will not have provisions for mounting blinkers. I decided that threading a hole into the numberplate plastic "vents" and putting a nice orange LED in there might be the cleanest way to go for my blinkers. 

Either way I will certainly be able to crash test my bracket within a few days of receiving them and let you all know how it goes down :p 



They are available to anyone who wants one now. 

Hey, brand new to here. I got a 16 wr and am wondering if you're still making these brackets!

Hangerbaby, you copy?

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