Wr450f gearing questions, opinions please?

My street legal wr450 has 14/45 now. I have had it up to 94mph so far, but that that was "just to see". I have a 50t and think I want to put that on.. 1: how much difference will that make? Alot lower than i have now? I know 3 on rear is like 1 on front, but i am talking seat of the pants feel? 2: how many link chain do I have to buy? .. Also do any of U run lower than stock gearing? Thank You for any help.

Play around with http://www.gearingcommander.com/ and you'll get a good idea of how the rpms at various speeds change. 


I'm running 13/50 on my dirt set, but about to go 14/50 for desert season and 14/44 for my supermoto wheels. Seat of the pants-wise going up five teeth in the rear you'll definitely find the bike making more power and easier to lift the front end. 

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