Bike prep for desert season

I have been planning to get the suspension re-valved on my 09, and at the same time re-grease all the chassis bearings because it's never been done before. Bike has 50 hours, so are the bearings something that MUST be done before my next ride, or would it be ok to wait another couple rides? I haven't noticed any signs that it needs to be done now, besides just a little dust buildup below the steering stem.

When I grease these bearings, is it ok to use a (new) hand bearing packer? or is it better to do it by hand?

If it has never been done, it should be soon.  Yamaha isn't famous for using  a whole lot of grease in the steering head, or the swing arm pivot, for that matter.  Being in SoCal, you probably aren't exposed to a lot of water except when the bike gets washed, so once you do this job the right way with a good high pressure marine (waterproof) grease, you can forget it for quite a while.  (BTW, when washing, take it easy around the steering head.  The top seal isn't that good at its job).


bearing packers are great, but you won't get one onto the bottom bearing without removing it, and you shouldn't remove it if you intend to reuse it.  Try and get new grease up under the roller cage.

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