Front/rear spring combo

So my forks are killing me but the rear feels good. If I put .47 in front and keep the 5.9 in back will it throw the balance off?

2014 450 175 full gear and I'm a slow to average intermediate

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Where is your compression adjuster set?  Have you tried just opening them up a few?

Where is your compression adjuster set? Have you tried just opening them up a few?

Yes I have gone softer on the comp. Im just not fast enough to be comfortable as stiff as they are and I get beat on trails. Using the rt calculator, I need 5.8 and .465 springs. With those numbers I can go .46 or .47 on the forks and 5.7 or stay at 5.9 on the rear. I have a smoking deal on a pair of brand new kyb .47 fork springs pulled out of a 14 yz250f. I know fork sag is usually diregarded but checking mine I only get 35mm. Far as I know they should have around 70mm. Rear is 45mm static with 105 race sag.

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