2007 YZ450 a good year?

When did they lay the engine down and around?

A guy I know has a brady new 2007 YZ450f that he is wanting to sell.

Road five times. Seriously, only five times around a farm. Bone stock everything including tires. SItting in his garage.

I have a 2003 YZ250f that I like good enough. Some guys tell me I should get a 450. I'm 50 yers old and ride mine pretty dang good. I'm 190lbs. The guy selling it is like close to 300lbs. He wanted to try a dirt bike as it seemed fun for us and other to do on the weekend. So, he bought this one brand new in 2008. Found out riding dirt bikes is a lot of work :)


So, asking $3800, I'd get it for less. But is the 2007 year considered a good one for yz450f?


Get it before someone else does.

Has less power than the brutal 2006 but more than 2008 and 2009.

It's a good year, but the price is a little steep.

yea, im thinking id get it for 3000 or less

cash talks.

winter coming

I got my 07 for $2k. I love mine. It's a work house. If you want to get a bike that you don't have to worry about the valve clearance going out of spec prematurely, thats a Yamaha. I check mine once every off season and that's it. I'm 275lbs and it gets me moving.

Good year. The 08 felt like a big bore 250F in terms of stock handling and power, at least to me. Price, as stated, could be lower.

I bought the same bike this last spring in excellent shape for $2500, that thing flat out rips! At least to me coming from a similar situation where I normally ride an 05 250f that thing is absolutely ridiculous. I haven't ridden any other 450's for  comparison on power but coming off the 250f its amazing! I went with the blue bike because I've always heard great things about their reliability and durability, if you could nab it for a little less I wouldn't hesitate a bit. 

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